Graduating Project from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

What the ocean means to us has changed through centuries.
Once it was a direct source of food and means of transportation and discovery.
Today for most of us, it is linked to recreative purposes. 
We go there to think, to breathe, to feel alive and to dream.

In old myths the ocean is a dangerous place
- but according to the Jungian analysis on myths -
it is also a mirror of the deeper consciousness of the human mind.
It is where we confront our fears and desires. 
It is where we are confronted with a part of nature that is bigger than us - 
with the power to overthrow our sense of control over life and death
and to make us reborn.


Ancient greek:
ὄρνῡμι (órnūmi)



Become visible

Be born

her hvor ingen lyd trænger ind
dunker mit hjerte i mit øre
taktløst og udtørret
der er ingen anden vej - men ind

here where no sound enters
my heart is thumping in my ear
beatless and dried out
there is no other way - but in


der er et spejl på havet
det reflekterer et dyb;
i himlen over det
i havet under det

inde midt i mig

there is a mirror on the sea
it reflects a deep
in the sky above
in the ocean below it

inside me